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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Drunk sperm.... it sounds funny, but its TRUE!

I was watching the show the other night called "the doctors" and actually find it really interesting. They kinda just give information about different things from a dr standpoint. They made a valid point and figured it would be nice to pass the information here.

I always knew that it was best for a woman to avoid drinking alcohol while trying to conceive. As its obvious our bodies are in charge of making the baby and getting all the "wires" connected. I guess I never really gave it a second thought that the man should refrain as well. Well, according to "the doctors", while trying to conceive, the man should actually refrain as well. It tends to slow the mobility of the sperm and I guess you can say, get them going around in circles. Its already hard enough for those little spermies to find their way, there is no point in getting them drunk and expecting to get the job done! So I guess, if you are currently trying to conceive, and your husband has already been diagnosed with low mobility and such, perhaps refraining from alcohol during ovulation is probably a good thing!

Today is also the give away for Lyuda's reading. So for you to be able to qualify for this reading, here's the deal. I want you to tell me the funniest (or stupidest) advice or thing you heard about trying to conceive. Whether its someone telling you that you need to stand on your head after ovulation so that they can swim down, to telling you to eat red meat only to guarantee success...etc. can be old wives tales..etc anything! (and by the way, red meat and standing on your head are just examples and not true! lol

As you know, you need to leave your comments in the post and leave your login name or email address so that if you win, you can be connected to your post:)

On a quick side note, still have my sore throat. Last night felt like I was trying to swallow shards of glass. That's how bad it hurt. I decided enough of this, took myself, the baby, my 5 year old, my friends 5 year old and her 18 month old (was watching them as a favor for her) and headed in. Managed to get in on a canceled appointment! So he asks me a few questions, listens to my chest, and then looks at my throat. It only took ONE SECOND before he made a funny face and didn't need to see anymore, he knew what I had been talking about! He is thinking I have strep throat. I am on antibiotics that not only taste HORRIBLE, but leave you with a stomach ache, and slightly nauseous. Good thing I have to take this for only 5 days. He said the swab will tell me if its strep and if it is, then I have to take it for 10. This means I will have to go back for another prescription but I will be asking him for something else! lol.

While there, baby had been acting differently last night and really "whinny" today, not herself. Asked him to check, and yep, ANOTHER ear infection! So shes on antibiotics too!

And oh my goodness, the looks I got today for having all the girls with me today (all four kids were girls). I am going to assume that everyone thought that they were all mine. I just thought it was funny some of the comments I was getting. This elderly lady pointed to the baby and said that she would take her as obviously I have more than enough? lol. I kinda laughed and told her only two were actually mine! lol


Danielle 0501 said...

Hi Cheri,

I don’t want to be entered in the contest since I won a reading from Brooke last week but I have a story that I thought was kind of cute. I’m not really telling anyone that I’m TTC. I did tell my 79 year old grandmother, however. She’s been pretty sick and I guess I just wanted her to know that I was TTC because I knew she’d be happy about it. Soon after I told her we were at a funeral of all places and she leaned over to me and she said, “you know, if you want to get pregnant, you should have sex when you see a lot of discharge down there.” I thought it was so funny that even though she knew nothing about charting or “Taking Charge of Your Fertility,” she knew that you should have sex when you see the fertile cervical mucus (aka: a lot of discharge down there). She had 7 kids so she obviously knows what she’s talking about! Have a great weekend! Danielle

Niki said...

I've been told

"you were able to conceive once, so you will have no problem conceiving again"

Here I am with a 6 year old child and on almost 4 1/2 years of TTC #.

Secondary infertility hurts too :(

Suie said...


I have an old wives tale... You cant get pregnant in the bath!! HEHE ;0)

sgy51780 said...

I have been told sooo many things that I find just crazy.

I have been told to do a Head Stand afterwards.

Eat LOTS of oysters. I don't think that one has alot to do with actual fertility though.

Eat lots of egg whites because it makes your eggs stickier.

For a boy:
Allow your husband to seduce you into sex first.
Be a worrywart.
Dad – drink lots of sodas
Eat red meat and salty snacks (such as pretzels)
Have intercourse at night.
Have intercourse on the odd days of the month.
Have “standing” intercourse.
Have intercourse when there is a quarter moon.
Have intercourse with you on your belly and your husband on your back.
(Here’s a good one) Sleep to the left of your husband.
Make sure your husband climaxes first.
Point your head to the north while having intercourse.
Stay on your back after intercourse to give the “boy” sperm a chance to get to the egg.
Warm up his testicles.

For a girl:
Both of you should eat fish and vegetables.
Eat chocolate – (this would be a cinch for me – however I do have a son also!)
Have intercourse during a full moon.
Have intercourse in the afternoon.
Have intercourse with the man on top. (Another wives tale says for the woman to be on top)
Seduce your husband.
Stay calm and cool to conceive a girl.
You climax first and think pink.


dezerea said...

One of the things I've heard is to use egg whites as lubricant (that seems like it would be messy and a little bit of a mood killer, "wait honey, we need to crac a egg and seperate it for a white") plus the whole raw egg thing just is gross. One of the most annoying things to hear is, "if you stop thinking about it it will happen"

Chronically Chrissy said...

No offense to anyone who's tried it, but I was a bit grossed out by the suggestion to put actual egg white on your cervix to make egg white cervical mucus. Salmonella anyone?

Leslie said...

Sorry you're so sick! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

I was told this last month after a co-worker TTC for 1 1/2 yr conceived right after her husband lost his job, "You just need your husband to lose his job and then it will happen!" Sure.


Miranda said...

Sorry to hear you and your family are sick again :( that is no fun! Hope your feeling better soon!

Yum I am trying to think of the most outrageous thing...and besides the relax, it only takes one, and go on vacation I cant really think of anything. Maybe to have sex with a pillow under my hips and then have my feet in the air for 20 mins after. I do the pillow thing and stay still for 20 mins but not with my feet in the air.

Lynnette said...

Hey, I hope you feel better! You've had it so rough lately :(

~Heather~ said...
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Anonymous said...

lol i cant imagine me sperm clutchin thear cider-filled pint glasses havin a brawl over who gets to fertilise the egg!